A rare breed of jewelry and textiles.

Artist Denise Hagood designs with an eye for the rare and different.  A dedicated jewelry maker since 2010, she seeks materials that fascinate her creative senses.  Thoughtfully selected leathers, gemstones, and vintage metal accents are worked in intriguing ways for a style all its own.

Denise believes that comfort is key to looking good, so she aims for a natural feel that is a breeze to wear anytime. The leather necklace is her specialty: One-of-a-kind pieces that are simpatico with denim and dress.

Scarves and kerchiefs were added to her collection in 2018. Antique textiles are sewn and finished with her signature leather slides and cinches.  Visible mends and hand stitching are intended effects that enhance the time-worn nature of the fabrics.

Denise values her previous experience for the inspiration it provides today. The joy, the challenge, and the hard work have mixed with the influence of people, places, and things.  A long career as a graphic designer and an extended residency with the study of art in The Netherlands further shaped her aesthetic views. 

Her studio has been featured in the international magazine Where Women Create, and Cowboys & Indians magazine.

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