A little bit about my studio.

I am a long-time artist, with a background in graphic design and illustration, fiber arts, and oil painting. In 2010 I shifted my focus to jewelry making—and although I never would have predicted such a move, part of that decision was the sheer enjoyment of meeting and working with so many wonderful customers.

I have made and sold hundreds of pieces over the years, loving—almost!!—every minute. I make jewelry to be lived in, every day. My methods are self-taught and self-devised, and feature an intriguing blend of antique and vintage metals, gemstones, and leathers.

I added scarves to my collection in 2018. I find these antique textiles irresistible! I select fabrics carefully, sew each one, and finish them with my signature slides and cinches. They are often worn and faded, with visible stitching and mends. These are intended effects that impart a sense of natural ease.

I value my past experience for the creative insight it brings. The joy, challenge, and hard work have melded with the influence of people, places and things to color my world. An extended residency and study of art in Europe further shaped my aesthetic views, and continues to inspire me today.

My studio and work has been featured in the international magazines Where Women Create, and Cowboys & Indians Magazine.

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